140,000 people visit the OlympicGames.CN every day

It is reported (reporter Jia ZhongShan) how much earnest sight there is to throw the Olympic Games in Beijing the whole world every day? See people know about the enthusiasm of the new domain name of Beijing Olympic Games. It is reported, the news that the official site of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games changes CN domain name spreads, beijing2008.cn becomes the focus, only two days, visit capacity rises to more than 140,000 at the speed of rocket type.
Every gesture of the Olympic Games in Beijing, in attracting attention in the whole world, after Olympic Games official site claims to launch beijing2008.cn as the main domain name, the temperature that people pay close attention to appears in visiting the scalogram of flowing at once. Data that authoritative Alexa flow in the family property statistics show

Reveal, after changing and finishing, the visit capacity of bei-jing2008.cn rose sharply immediately, up to noon on December 12, visit capacity on day of Olympic Games official site CN main domain name of Beijing has already exceeded 140,000, the whole world ranked to rise in more than 10,000 location unexpectedly in two days, reach more than 9000, may be called " the rocket pace "