Transnational enterprises register cn domain name crazily

In China, several years ago, an enterprise did not have websites, can not catch up with era; Today, if there is no " China's concept " on Internet in an enterprise ---CN domain name, will be thought the backwardness too, this kind of backwardness, is not merely materialist backwardness, it is the backwardness on the strategic consciousness even more.

CN domain name strategy is listed in the business strategy category, is a trend recently in fashion, and this kind of trend has been praised highly by expert and industry gradually.

From the beginning of this year, countless transnational enterprises are explaining the strategy of the domain name with the action, one registration several dozen, more than one hundred CN action of domain name, in the view of some domestic enterprises, may be called crazy. First overbearing note several dozen, more than one hundred domain names of Panasonic, the masses, include CN domain name related to enterprise's name completely; Continue Volvo, Ericsson immediately after it, imitate its method; And subsequent Samsung to deduce ultimate attainment of reaching the domain name strategy even more, not merely CN domain name of enterprise's name, the name of product, region name has not been put to the pocket capturing, even the chieftains, CN domain names including hostile vocabulary do not miss either, at one time register more than 470 CN domain name, is called CN model that domain names protects by the media.

The dementia of transnational enterprises is not unreasonable, on the contrary, this kind of seemingly crazy behavior, it is exactly necessary study of a lot of enterprises. , as the national top domain name, we can say, in the Network in CN domain name. CN =" China ", CN domain name is the identification on the Network of our country, it represents the new trend in the 21st century, represent the great trend of China's cybereconomy. To enterprise, has registered CN domain name, like typing the brand of China, and this Chinese identification, has let enterprises obtain more chances easily. Just as Network marketing expert said: "Having registered CN domain name, the cooperative partner interested in China or potential buyer can distinguish out Chinese enterprises or branch company in China of the trans-corporation through CN domain name, some many chances in the Network of enterprise that this undoubtedly makes. "

On the other hand, a lot of lose CN enterprise of domain name take notice of, know, get " whether CN domain name enterprise important strategic resource " later already, take action to swear to take CN domain name one after another. Enterprise these, appeal to law, first class equation permit company for instance, Kingsoft software,etc. famous company in nearest to get out of and arbitrate request one after another; Some enterprises arbitrate, even all have no chance with CN domain name after the lawsuit, can only redeem with much money, costs up to a million dollars, redeems and two CN domain name from hands of original owner such as GOOGLE, the cost may be called heavy.