CN domain name registration of our country tops 1,800,000 Jump to the fourth in the world

It is reported China Internet Network Informaton Center (CNNIC) releases " statistical report of the state of development of Chinese Internet " the 19th time in Beijing today. The report reveals, by the end of 2006, the total number of Chinese domain names is 4,109,020, among them the land concrete number registered under CN is 1,803,393, CN domain name growth rate higher than COM domain name. Raise in the rank of national top domain name registration amount of world to the fourth.

According to the introduction of CNNIC respect, the registered quantity of CN domain name is also 1,090,000 one year ago, this figure had already gone up by 65.1% at the end of the year of 2006, the seabed fibre cable fracture accident that especially takes place in December, make CN domain name registration amount increase fast by this.

The insider think, launching promoting the approval of their safe performance, service quality of various circles of society of CN domain name, CN domain name becomes the major domain name, CN era that China Internet steps into.