Grabbing CN domain name keeps a close watch on McDonald " my liking " is 50,000 of marked price

Grabbing domain names and and investing domain names is becoming the Hot issue now. And there is trend of growing in intensity, the famous enterprise CN domain names that a lot of protection does one's best are rushed to register one after another. Yesterday, reporter land McDonald " whether I like " find " " CN domain name sell for 50,000 yuan sell unexpectedly in surprise when the website. Inquiring about the system in CNNIC, the reporter finds, has already been registered by McDonald's in March of this year, but it's a pity, the protection of McDonald's is incomplete, still omit this CN domain name. And that kept a close watch on this domain name is the second best plan in Beijing jointly plan the centre, this company puts it to the pocket on May 30 this year, and show the sale advertisement of " trigger price of 50,000 yuan of this domain name " on theasia-govl. " whether as everyone knows, McDonald launch the whole result public relations, propagate last year it slogan fix for ' I like right away ' ". Beijing the second best plan plan Mr. Lu, person in charge of centre, tell reporter is one's own to find McDonald to be newly opened " I like right away " websites it happened that when wiping out McDonald jointly, it is found but check, " " CN domain name has not been registered yet, then rush to register at once.

Mr. Lu says, he has already consulted the expert frying the domain name. They all say, seeing that the popularity of McDonald, with popularizing the efforts of the activity that " I like " now, this domain name is worth 50,000 yuan at least. From the beginning of this year, famous domain name, CN of enterprise, happen repeatedly incident that vie for, permanent source auspicious, white cat, sea lion, Antarctic people, red double happiness, 3 rifles,etc. famous brand; The jeep CN domain name of Beijing ( has not continued to pay dues and stood and is rushed to register.