The transnational giant demands the Chinese domain names Small and medium-sized enterprises should prepare

A few days ago, I got news from the centre ofasia-govtlement of disputes concerning domain names of arbitration commission of China's international trade, large quantities of international giants including coca-cola, Disneyland Resort, L'Oreal,etc. have already passed arbitration, succeed in striving to go back to its Chinese .CN domain name. First flocks together and arbitrates Chinese .CN domain name incident and was finished at last in 8 months -long transnational giant. On March 17, 2006, the centre ofasia-govtlement of disputes concerning domain names of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission will receive more than 70 cases of newly-increased dispute of domain name together, increase 600% compared with the same period of last year, coca-cola, Nestle, feather the west,etc. to gentle .CN impressively in rank contention of domain name among them international big shot.

It is reported, after at the beginning of 2006 Microsoft announce IE7 browser will support Chinese .CN domain name in an all-round way, numerous transnational giants realize the enormous market value of Chinese .CN domain name, Chinese .CN domain name begun to register and strive to go back to enterprises in full preparation. After referring to and arbitrating, every big enterprise has engaged the famous lawyer in the industry one after another, carry on a large amount of work of collecting evidence, is prepared for any eventuality, is determined to win. Through the arduous efforts of eight months, on day when the author distributed new dispatchs up to getting, mostly transnational giants have already succeeded in bringing back one's own Chinese .CN domain name, " coca-cola .CN ", " Disneyland Resort .CN of Hong Kong " recently and waited and went through formalities of transferring at present in " Paris L'Oreal .CN ". While accepting the relevant person to inquire, the relevant persons in charge of Coca-Cola say, surf theasia-govl with Chinese in the maturity of China Internet, domain names such as coca-cola .CN, Finda .CN, Sprite .CN,etc. have already become valuable brand assets for coca-cola. According to personage in the know, main rival's Pepsi Cola of Coca-Cola, have already registered and opened " one hundred thing .CNs " and carried on corresponding propaganda, popularize the way after opening up the brand-new brand Network. This becomes the urgent inducement that fights for the coca-cola .CN domain name with all strength of Coca-Cola too to a certain extent.

At this point, the expert thinks, every large transnational giant demands Chinese .CN domain name working with perseverance so, study carefully it at all, lie in fully paying close attention to, getting Chinese .CN value of domain name, expect, borrow it surf theasia-govl era occupy the first chance of the Network in Chinese. Like coca-cola, Disneyland Resort this,etc. enterprise deduce Google " whether a million redeem " soul-stirring, but has paid suitable manpower and material resources too.

The famous law expert Hu Gang says, though transnational enterprises and the famous brand probably get its Chinese .CN domain name through arbitrating, but for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, because the social popularity of the brand is relatively low, it is relative and very small to arbitrate the possibility to fetch, so, are not so good as " providing for a rainy day " instead of " mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen ", register and open Chinese .CN domain name in advance.