Cn domain name registration registers the peak

For March 7, 2007 hotly, China will appear the whole people of cn domain name will experience the activity greatly, soar and take action with the national domain name of cnnic, cn domain name will appear the whole world to register the highest peak from today to May 31. Reduce domain name number one register price year, hope full name go, experience cn domain name this time, get real popularization and application. CN domain name registration amount is 1,800,000 at present, have already become the domain name of the first country of Asia, COM domain name 1,940,000, through this rapid development action, cn domain name will exceed com domain name, will become the first domain name in the world. The industry personage please register cn domain name to appeal for global enterprises in time, but during this section, will be rushed to register a lot of enterprise cn domain names too, this worries very much. Because the low price cn domain name registration this time, will further stimulate the gold rush of the domain name, the panning gold ore out clan of domain name, through rushing to register a large number of good domain names rationally.