The international brand localization opens the Internet brand Dec.20,2006 03:48 Beijing Morning Newspaper

The news of morning paper, Foreign companies begins to realize the importance of the brand localization more and more foreign famous brands, Internet giant has to make the strategic change too. A few days ago, the biggest brand management of North America area and digital authentication service provider VeriSign, announce formally that offers the registration of Internet keyword to its customer.

As to this, the expert says, North American enterprises integrate the Internet keyword, no matter seek to break through voluntarily, under the pressure of the change of the helplessness, will all become a wind vane that international brands tended to the localization collectively.

As to this, the person in charge of Siemens electrical home appliances Chinese district says, to international brand, most products are not are familiar for Chinese consumers is a very urgent difficult problem. Siemens has already opened Internet keyword such as Chinese " Siemens ", " Siemens electrical home appliances ",etc. nowadays, in order to be known by Chinese consumers better in brand language of the localization.
The expert says, is following the beating a precipitate retreat on a large scale of some international brands, a lot of trans-corporations have already fully realized the question of the localization, making use of Internet's new technology to promote and remedy this defect actively, plan to stage a comeback.

According to the investigation, include BMW at present, run quickly, Volkswagen, numerous international brands inclusive such as Peugeot, the west of Intel, Nokia, Motorola, Avon, feather, Clinique, Shiseido have already offered the Internet keyword service in an all-round way.

The insider says, no matter " westernization movement " of domestic enterprises, or the localization transformation of foreign brand, who can understand the use habit of Chinese users further, fully utilize the brand of the distinct Chinese characteristics to popularize the means, realize the overall arrangement of the localization even more, someone can occupy the commanding point of the market competition, share the Chinese market this " sumptuous meal ".