CNNIC starts the national domain name and soars and takes action

March 7, 2007, under Ministry of Information Industry, office, the Information Office of the State Council, the Chinese Academy of Sciences,etc. country guidance support of the responsible institution of informaion work of the State Council, CNNIC (CNNIC) holds the news briefing in Beijing, starts the national domain name and soars and takes action formally, announce from this day to May 31, register CN domain name number one enjoy registered price of bottom price year newly.

" Whether CN domain name experience activity and national domain name soar, take action" whom CNNIC put out aim at, promote the whole people of CN domain name application this time, realize the national domain name soars, the great action of promoting the development of Internet's economy of our country.

In 2007, the development of Internet of our country has already welcomed the new flex point at a high speed, the economic scale bottleneck of the Network needs breaking badly, in a critical point too as the national domain name .CN of basic resources. Andasia-govlizen's proportion of having domain name and intensity which Internet employ are directly proportional to, the activity of CN domain name will release the demand that numerousasia-govlizens employ for Internet, promote the Network application intensity and Network economic scale of our country greatly.

The growth of the national domain name .CN, help to ensure Internet autonomy of our country, safeguard the security of the informationization of our country, promote Internet to employ the prosperity and development, occupy the favorable position of Internet's information competition. As to user, because CN domain name is managed by the organization of our country, it is applicable to the law of our country to dispute, so register and use CN domain name safer, the interests are easier to ensure.