Definition of Wireless Keyword
  Wireless Keyword is one seeking web address techology which was built for mobile terminal unit fast visit the mobile Internet.Mobile End-user send the Wireless Keyword by short message to enterprise or individual who has registered the keyword, or visit related website by WAP.

Wireless Keyword registration regulation
  Made up by Chinese,Letter(A-Z,a-z, the same price for both capitalization and small letter) and number(0-9), maximum is 31 characters(each composing element for Wireless Keyword all transacted based one character)

What's the services after Wireless Keyword registration?

  1. build website content self-help
  2. short message auto-revert function
  3. short message leave word function
  4. statistic and analysis the runoff of short message address list amnagement
  5. build WAP website or accessing the destination WAP
  6. Wireless Keyword transfer(transfer to the existing Wireless Keyword)
  7. leave message transfer to mobile terminal or mail
  8. call in note management
  9. message group send, reply leave message

How to make use of Wireless Keyword?
  After Wireless Keyword Registry, enter into Wireless Keyword website www.wkey.cn firstly, enactment short message,WAP web column and content .Then user can send datas and publicize the Wireless Keyword in existing website or other medium to attract Mobile End-User to visit it.

Mobile End-User can check and visit WAP website by writing ”Wireless Keywrod” then send to 916076, or log in website:wap.wkey.cn . CNNIC reserve the rights to notice the user about the number” 916076” change or not.

The number for Wireless Keyword send

Mobile,Unicom,telphone users all send 916076, It's convenient to remembered by Mobile End-user.
  Enactment Wireless Keyword WAP address: wap.wkey.cn

Why to register Wireless Keyword?

  Wireless Keyword is one of the fresh service form for wireless Internet application ,carrier by mobile telephone and so on mobile terminal, break traditional Internet limited depend on PC engine  ,reach mutual communication whenever,whereever and along with. Wireless Keyword is the important sign for enterprise brand name on wireless Internet, extend enterprise name,product and so on brands to wireless Internet field.  

Register Wireless Keyword, user will meet and mutual with four hundreds million mobile phone users.

  The number of Chinese mobile phone user is four multiple compared with Chinese Internet user,and will keep speedy increasing. After enterprise register Wireless Keyword, Mobile phone user only type the wireless keyword of enterprise can get related information about the enterprise,mutual with enterprise, Meanwhile,enterprise can distribute and service for mobile phone user more convenient.

Embody applications of Wireless Keyword

Mobile phone user can get more information everywhere at any time via short message or WAP  Enterprise address,phone number,website,account number,business brief introduction
 Enterprise news, proclaim,promotion,importances issued in time Communication gate of Enterprise wireless”customer service”        

Auto-reply frequent questions, look at customer leave message, manage leave message real time, choose,classify and collect datas.
24hours,seven days on duty and keep contiously, individual customer service, customer service along with, manage customer relationship, data statsitic and analysis.
Powerful tool for promoting products and market popularization
Master and meet customer's demand at the first time, top upgrade customer satisfaction .
Send exhibition information, sales promotion information on holiday in time, act according to actual circumstances for object customer.

How to register Wireless Keyword?
  User who will provide the registered information to Wireless Keyword Registry Service Institution,all the processing to be finished by Registry Institution .

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