Introduction of".ASIA Domain Name"

What is domain name .asia ?
  The economy ,culture and technology are blooming in Asia. it own 60% population of the whole world, and the huge industry ,market and infinite potential, it leads the global economy to the highest level. The view of Asian enterprises have surpassed their local market and the internet identity has become a key to realize this aim. More and more mid-small enterprise realize they need a domain names which more extensive and can fully embody their market foreground.

Based on this, the domain name .asia emerge as the times require. It is special used in Asia. it surpass the limit of national domain name , which provide more abundant resource and business development opportunities.

Why to use the .asia domain name?
  The domian name of  ".Asia"  is easy to remember, and combine with the generality and indication, specifically aim at the Asian customers,  with the essence and never expired.  the domian name of ".Asia" cover a large area, with a clear concept, and have a strong recognition by public, as a top international domian name, it's a global mark on the internet, and has a important regional significance, for the booming small companies in asia,  ".Asia" is especially important, it provides a platform for them to enlarge their market from local to a bigger region.

The domain name .asia  will made all the body get internet identity mark in the extensive
areas,including department, group, enterprise an individal. The current top international domain
names are focusing the attention on a lengthways colony (such as company, network
,organization), while the domain name .asia is a transverse, extensive social field,but also are different from national domains, which not only can be used for local body but also provide larger more completely and rather close pushing approach .As such,  it is commonly for the majority of  enterprises  which  want to protect their own brand by registering it in time in order to ensure get priority to register domain name .asia.