Introduction of".CN Domain Name"

What is “Domain Name”
  Compared with IP address, Domain Name is a character sign which is like a doorplate number on Internet, it's used to identify and orient hiberarchy of computer on Internet. But it is different from IP address, Domain Name is more easier and convenient to understand and remember. Domain Name is a basic service of Internet, we can provide WWW,EMAIL, FTP and so on services base upon Domain Name.

registration principle of .CN Domain Name
  Before the quotation mark (“ ”), max. 63 letters acceptable for .CN Domain Name Registration. The follow characters can be naming : Letter(A-Z,a-z, the same price for both capitalization and small letter), number(0-9), connective sign(-), no difference between capitalization and small letter as using connective sign.

Why to register .CN Domain Name?

Merit of registering .CN Domain Dame

1. Identify companies & products, both valuable and orientation
  2.Abundance resources of .CN Domain Name, user can choose the best one
  3.Guarantee users' advantage completely according to the Chinese law
  4.All are Chinese services, safeguard user rights to know every details
  5.Registration procedure is convenient and fast
  6.More ensurence on using .CN Domain Name
  7.In favor of maintaining safety of Nation Internetasia-govlwrok Information

How to choose the Domain Name well?

Some suggestions to give a Domain Name
  In short of company name(Chinese&English)
  Register trade mark of the product
  Advertising words of company
  Simple and interesting name, such as hello, how are you,yes,168 etc.

How to do when Domain Name Dispute?

Any Individual or Institution thinks there is conflict on legal rights and interests on the domain name which registered by others can appeal to Dispute Resolution Institutions ,contact with Dispute Resolution Institution about the related dispute.

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