What is Internet Keyword?

Internet Keyword is one of the new accessing way for Internet words
Enter the name of company,product,website,industry into IE,user can get the destination website directly,do not need the complicated memory Domain Name,website,do not need to remember prefix and postfix of the website,user can surf on Internet in a convenient and fast way.

Internet Keyword is the Network brand name of enterprise
.CN Domain Name,Chinese Domain Name,Internet Keyword, These three are safe system which provided by our China for Network brand name

Network Brand name is corresponding to enterprise brand name,Enterprise resources can not be entrenched.

Internet Keyword is Chinese Keywords Criterion that promoted by CNNIC.We authoritative safeguard legal benefit for every enterprises.

Only two standards Internet issued by CNNIC and IETF

Standard Instructions Issued Institution

<<Agreement& Criterion Of Keyword Network Orientation Service Analysis >>
RFC3454 RFC3490
RFC3491 RFC3492

Based on various language domaim name international standard,implement uniform keyword to search the address


Issued on 15 th April,2003

<<Chinese,Japanese,Korean Various Domain Name Registration Standard>>

The standard established by TWNIC 、 JPNIC 、 KRNIC

Appointed Organization of Internet techology standard
2Issued on 28 th April,2004

What is the advantage of Internet Keyword?

One new accessing way to surf on Internet

Nation licensed to Domain Name Registry Administer Institution to support

Enterthe first page or deep-seated of the website directly Actual world brand name extend on the Internet

Individual who can register the Internet Keyword?


Internet Keyword dispute resolution

How to sovle Internet Keyword dispute ?

According to <<Internet Keyword Dispute Resolution>>,Solved by Internet Keyword Dispute Resolution Institution

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